Just how to select an order administration system (OMS). Find out more.

Choosing a brand-new Order Management System (συστημα παραγγελιοληψιασ) is possibly simply one of a million things on your mind right now. You simply want a quick service to finish all your order monitoring issues so you can move onto the next job but it is necessary that you do not hurry it. The very best thing you can do for your organization now is to take your time with this decision.

It’s simple to jump directly right into conversations with vendors and before you understand it you’ve enrolled in something that does not also do what you need.

So, before you rush right into contacting suppliers, take a while to think about what you desire from your order administration system. Trust us, spending a bit of time now will save you a great deal of cash and migraines in the future.

Points to consider:


Is processing an order a simple job or is it complex with great deals of different individuals, departments and third events included?

Thinking of what your processes resemble and recording exactly how orders stream with your company is an excellent means to exercise what you require an Order Administration system to do.

This will certainly then make it much easier to describe to suppliers the method you operate and what you require to be able to do in your brand-new system.

Don’t worry if you’re not 100% sure about this as its just a beginning point. At CaseBlocks, we interact with out clients to specify their procedures and create an option that helps them.

Tip: Obtain individuals from different duties and departments to provide their sight on how orders are processed. Each person will certainly have a different viewpoint and experience to generate an extra in-depth conversation.


Each OMS will have a different checklist of attributes for taking care of orders. Some may only have a few functions to get you up and running while others will certainly have an entire library so it is essential that you have a rough idea of what you desire.

Before you start checking out systems, attempt detailing all the things that you wish to have the ability to do, noting what capacities are offer breakers and which would behave to have. Once you have your list, take a look at some services and see if there’s any you missed out on. Right here’s a fast link to a few of our Order Administration features.

This will aid you create a shortlist of vendors that meet your requirements and remove those which can’t.

Currently you have your shortlist it’s time to set up some demos.

Suggestion: If there’s a particular firm that you wish to deal with but their system doesn’t tick all the boxes, attempt asking if they would certainly have the ability to add what you need. Business often involve us with recommendations and ask for new functions and we’re more than happy to suit them.


If the solution is yes, then take down all the systems that you desire your OMS to incorporate with. This makes it easy to check with suppliers if it’s feasible to do, remember that the more assimilations you require, the greater the cost is most likely to be.

Don’t get sidetracked by the variety of integrations readily available because you’ll probably never make use of the majority of them. Instead, attempt to concentrate on vendors who can incorporate with the options that you presently use or plan to in future.

Tip: Even if the combination isn’t listed on the website does not imply it’s not feasible. Attempt capturing a quick email or get the phone and inquire, they’ll be more than satisfied to help you out.


Your Order Administration system will play an important role in the success of your organization so while low-cost remedies might be appealing, it is worthwhile thinking about a lot more expensive remedies that can be set up to match your process.

The expense of an Order Management System will certainly differ from supplier to vendor so make certain you have a budget plan in mind. Take into consideration how much you ‘d preferably like to invest and the outright optimum amount you agree to pay.

It is necessary to be sensible when establishing your budget and keep in mind that there might be configuration costs. The price will certainly usually be impacted by the complexity of the system, the number of integrations and individuals, and project timescales.

So, if you’re trying to find an intricate system with lots of combinations within a number of weeks then prepare to pay a substantial amount.


Think of just how commonly your order administration processes develop. If they are rigid and unlikely to transform after that versatility may not be a big issue.

On the other hand, if your processes are continuously changing to include the most recent modern technology or respond to a rival then versatility will certainly be vital for your organization.

If you need an adaptable order administration system after that look for out how easy it is to make changes and if these can be made by yourself as some suppliers will bill a cost.

Our order management system is extremely versatile and enables you to produce customized remedies and modify them rapidly and quickly. Modifications can after that be turned out right away to all new orders and can likewise be related to historic orders in your system.


If you don’t know already, discover the specifications of your existing computer systems and equipment. It is essential to understand this so that suppliers can advise whether their software will certainly work on your existing setup.

This can aid trim your vendor shortlist by removing those that will not function.

Nonetheless, if you’re intending to purchase all new devices or upgrade current kit then make sure you get vendors to provide exact specifications of what you will certainly need.

Cloud-based services like CaseBlocks are terrific as they are accessed via your web internet browser as opposed to mounted on your desktop computer so all you truly need to stress over is having a web link.


Consider the staff members that will certainly be making use of the order monitoring system day-to-day. Are they knowledgeable about computers or are they used to paper-based procedures? Do they have any technical skills? Just how steep is the learning contour with the brand-new software? Do you need to work with staff members with different abilities?

While some order management systems only need some basic training, others might require individuals have some technical skills or take part in an extensive training course. It is necessary to consider your team’s existing skills and the quantity of time and money you want to buy training.

Implementing an excessively challenging system can result in a low fostering price, bad morale and boosted blunders if team aren’t comfy with it, however, although a simpler system may be much more efficient originally it may not be able to do whatever you need in the future so it is very important to consider the trade-offs between systems.