Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Engineering Summer School 2019, hosted by Autodesk, is an event that brings together a talented group of engineering graduate students and industry professionals to acquire expertise in state-of-the-art AI methods and techniques, with the focus on deep learning and reinforcement learning. The school will be two-week long from August 12 to 23.

While there has been a significant resurgence of AI technologies, other scientific disciplines such as mechanical or civil engineering are yet to fully embrace these new promising technologies, especially in their academic curriculum. The goal of this inaugural event is to bridge this gap between the recent advancements in AI and engineering fields.

Primarily, this event aims to educate the participants on the significance and potential of AI applications in engineering. Lectures and tutorials will be given to bring the participants up to speed with the latest deep learning methods and techniques. In addition, a series of invited talks will demonstrate how AI can be employed beyond its typical applications such as image classification, text processing, and speech recognition tasks. The talks will elucidate how AI can also be leveraged in various engineering problems where experimental, observational and simulation data are available. Finally, the participants will get to employ the learned methods on engineering-specific problems in hands-on workshops.

Who should apply?

Graduate students in engineering and professionals in the engineering industry who are passionate about learning AI technologies and using them to solve their domain-specific problems. At Autodesk, we strive for a diverse and inclusive environment and every effort will be made to ensure these same principles are followed with the summer school.

IMPortant dates

  • Application Deadline has now passed

  • May 31: Notification of Acceptance

  • August 12 - 23: Summer School